The pearl and ruby indicates the achievements and ideas of E-Way. The glass bulb indicates the security and safety of E-Way. The golden ring i s about the strength of E-Way that will keep it's head permanently high and the executives are loyal to E-Way. The logo of E-Way indicates the story of a small fish that metamorphosed to goIden one when it swallowed a valuable pearl, the opportunity.



The World Class Wellness Property From Gods Own Country

Developed by late Kolandhra Narayanan Vaidyar, now its production is overlooked by his elder son Dr. K. N. Ramakrishnan and his wife Dr. Sreethy. These product is an age old recipe handed down from generation to generation traditionally and still manufactured using the original combination of all the ingredients mentioned below, thus keeping its originality and purity.


Mr. Maxin K Kurian

Network marketing business is a globally accepted scientific business to attain financial freedom to the individuals who aspire to be sophisticated executives. E-Way provides a unique platform to attain financial free dom to those who aim to become part of the company. Over and above direct selling ventures help the nation irradiate unemployment to a certain extent. We are also into learning apps that deal with various aspects of individual learning, focusing especially on language skills, public speaking skills, leadership excellence, body language, etiquettes, yoga, culinary skills, dancing, tuition, online shopping, Ayurveda Wellness centers and what not. In short, what we offer is a panacea for all the his of the modern school and college based educational system.


  • Digital Search Engine
  • Online Shopee (E-Commerce)
  • Online Education (The Learning App)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)